With over 4000 sets in Second Life, 8 time SLB DJ performer, and 3 time BURN2 performer Wacky DJ Gleanr is one of Second Life's premier DJs. Wacky Dj Gleanr spins live from the United States with a mixture of club, house, trance, dance, and other energy style tracks. With over 20 years of DJing in real life and 8 years in Second Life, he has performed for over 200K people with just one goal: "my hope is to give that one person who is having a bad day the turn around they need to put the stress of the day behind them even if only for a few minutes. (WackyDJGleanr)" Party goers are treated to a unique  range of artist and themes as no two shows are done the same by this DJ. "Music is an experience meant to touch your very soul and get a reaction" - Wacky Dj Gleanr.



  • EDM Club and Vocal House

  • Trance

  • Deep House

  • Big Room

  • Tech House




  • Rave

  • Dance Club

  • Neko

  • Naugthy

  • Strip Club


Original Logo:

Gleanr DJ Logo.png